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Banquet Boy [Viktuuri]
I finally fix my tablet after months and what do I draw?

Gay ice skating boys.
Except here they're dancing.

What is my life.

On the other hand I like the crayon/graphite brush settings I'm discovering it's really cute.
Viktor | [HTTYD!AU]
New bin, same trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Matching Yuuri (as Hiccup) can be found here.

Tbh I just wanted to draw Viktor's FS costume again because it's too beautifulLove

Of course after I finish it do I see fanart of Viktor in blue and brown and think he might have looked more fitting as Jack fml
The Prince and the Baker

Sleeves rolled up, hint of a sweat breaking on his brow, silver hair falling over his face in an eternally charming way, and then there was that look of content undeniably curling his lips.

“Yuuri, you know you can tell me what you’re thinking.”

Swallowing hard, Yuuri permitted the thought to slip. “I was thinking that if you worked here instead of me, we’d sell out every day…” If it was Victor manning the shop counter, Yuuri would probably come in thrice a day to buy anything and everything as long as it gave him a chance to take in the unfairly gorgeous vision that was Victor in an apron.
 - Like A Fairytale by Lucycamui

Since she and I had an exchange I figured I'd give my part of the deal. :D (Big Grin)  (Sorry there's virtually no background design at all but I was so done™)
I don't normally read these things but this one was just too great to pass up so here we are.

Bonus smitten Yuuri with heart eyes in the corner.
Viktor [The Swan]
I took some creative liberty with his skating outfit he wore when he had long hair in one of the episodes (I don't remember which?) while watching Johnny Weir's "The Swan" performance.

This man is just too pretty.
Yuuri | [HTTYD!AU]
I didn't think I would ever see myself become such trash haha. I couldn't resist putting my new otp in my first otp's universe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now the real question: Is Viktor Jack or Astrid?


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Most of the stuff I'll be posting will be practice pieces since I'm new to using PaintTool SAI, but they will also be character models/sketches for my FanFiction account.



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You are the biggest YoI fangirl I've ever seen in my life - you animu trash!
But everything looks amazing and ilu. <3
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YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'm YoI trash. The Trashiest.™

Thanks ily2 <3
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